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The Hobby Casting Knowledge Tool Kit.

We have helped an untold number of people who have discoveed the amazing benefits, rewards & personal satisfaction gained from DI.Y. metal casting... Once you master the basics, you'll be able to cast all kinds of things; such as; small badges, belt buckles, etc, It could be castings that weigh just a few oz, to castings that weigh two or three KG. Or maybe you just want to express your creativity and cast some unique metal art... sculptures... wall art.... you name it, the list absolutely endless.

So what would you like to cast in metal? What ever it is you have in mind, chances are, the info we provide on this web site will enable you to cast your dream creation in metal.
And as you'll see below, we have a truckload of hobby foundry knowledge ready & waiting for you. You'll benefit from more than twenty years of hobby metal casting experience, all compiled into nine easy to read and understand pdf ebooks.

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Incredible Value! 
Our ebook package has been delivered to customers via downloads & CD Rom in more than fifty six countries world wide!

The Tool Kit ebook package is outlined below. You can begin right now learning about hobby metal casting by downloading your very own set of practical easy to understand ebooks.

The 3-Volume Metal Casting Made Easy & the Design of Gates & Risers provide the bulk of the learning. The additional FREE ebooks we include with the package provide, essential educational value which expand on the many subjects featured in the main ebooks. This hobby foundry knowledge toolkit provide's a detailed, and very comprehensive learning experience as outlined in many of our customer testimonials.

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Three Volume Metal Casting Made Easy ebook.
This is the ebook to get you started on your hobby metal casting journey, good, honest, down to earth, no BS hobby casting information that the budding home metal caster will really understand. Just about anything you want to know about hobby metal casting will be found inside this ebook.You are welcome to download a FREE 25 page trial version to read at your leisure. Click Here for your download link. (Bottom of the home page)
The Design Of Gates & Risers.
While it is not difficult to pour molten metal into a sand mould, the ability to produce sound metal castings through proper gating and runner systems is an essential foundry skill. Gating is one area that will confuse and frustrate many people, in order to produce sound castings, you need to understand the correct methods. Get ahead of the pack with the valuable data and instruction this book provides. No longer will the mystery of gates & risers confuse or frustrate you, learn and apply the simple guidelines for a more successful casting rate. 

Petro Bond oil bonded sand has become a popular choice of moulding medium amongst many hobby foundry workers. It also has special requirements for mixing and conditioning before it can be used for moulding work. This guide is an industry standard for the use and care of petro bond moulding sand. This ebook is provided to you as a bonus ebook.
How To Build Crucible Lifting Tongs.

You'll be needing some special tongs to lift a crucible of molten metal from the furnace, this ebook will explain and illustrate how to construct a pair of crucible lifting tongs, it will explain what you need to know to build a strong, safe pair of tongs for your hobby foundry. This ebook is also provided as a bonus ebook with the package.
How To Make RTV Patterns & Moulds.
RTV silicone is the wonder material of the 21st century, it is used widely in many types of industrial applications. The foundry industry quickly realized it's huge potential in the reproduction of patterns and moulds. We'll outline how you can combine this RTV material and ordinary car body filler to make repro patterns to great effect. This ebook is provided as a free download also. To learn more about traditional timber pattern making click here.

How To Build High Quality Cope & Drag Mould Boxes.
Foundry work requires sand to be rammed into mould boxes called the cope & drag, and without them you wont be able to make good quality sand moulds, (Unless you are doing lost wax casting which is quite different to sand casting). Using some light steel plate and an arc welder, the home fabricator can build high quality, robust mould boxes with excellent mould registration. This Free How To build ebook will show you how it is done. Build just one mould box and you have saved yourself three-times the price of the complete ebook package alone. Free bonus download.
How To Build A Hot Wire Foam Cutter.

The hot wire foam cutter project will show you how to build your own professional style foam cutter. The foam cutter will enable high quality styrene foam patterns to be quickly made. You will surprise yourself at just how quick and easy it is to cut and assemble foam patterns. This ebook is supplied as a bonus along with the others described above. You would be hard pressed to find another package like it anywhere on the Internet. You may need help at some stage, you can email us to ask questions from time to time. Free bonus download.
Instant Calculation & Conversion Software
Do you hate doing sums and manual maths calculations?
This software will convert and calculate in the blink of an eye. It is simple to install and dead easy to use. All you need to do is input the value of whatever you want to calculate or convert and the program will give you the answer, you will be amazed at what this powerful software program can do. This cool bit of software is included with our ebook package as a valuable bonus. (A very handy tool).
How To Build A Hobby Foundry Green Sand Muller.

This is going to be a surprise for you, but you will like it, it's a "how to" book with instructions for building something very important for your hobby foundry.
We've put this great package together because we want to help guide you to success, just like the thousands of other people we have helped. You'd be hard pressed to find an info packed collection of really helpful hobby foundry ebooks as this one. Read customer testimonials here.

This package provides a great depth of knowledge
and know how.

These ebooks will explain to you from A to Z how to go about setting up your hobby foundry and producing your own metal castings, this info has been gleaned from practical hands on projects undertaken in our hobby foundry workshop, the author has spent more than sixteen years melting and casting metal in the hobby workshop. It is fun and highly rewarding in an age where many people just would'nt understand the need to create things with their bare hands.

The ebooks Will Show You:
Practical low cost ways to begin Hobby Metal Casting:
  • Step-by-step methods used to achieve consistent casting results.
  • How to thoroughly prepare your foundry sand ready for moulding.
  • How to build high quality metal cope & drag sand moulding boxes.
  • How to Design Gates & Risers, excellent details for the best ways to feed metal to castings.
  • How to build your own Low-Cost Gas Fired Crucible Furnace, without using complex, difficult to make parts.
  • How to build a low cost Motorised Gyratory Riddle used for reconditioning foundry sand.
  • How to make basic patterns from timber.
  • Simple, ingenious ways to make high quality reproduction patterns using RTV & common car body filler.
  • Low cost methods to obtain equipment & tools for your hobby foundry.
  • How more than sixteen years of documented, proven, practical metal casting experience will be a  valuable reference source in your quest to set up and run your own hobby foundry, plenty of other people have done this and so can you.
  • There is also a ton of other valuable hobby metal casting knowledge you'll be able to use.

We want to help you to begin and enjoy the journey. 

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We can help to kick start your hobby metal casting journey, just like we have helped thousands of others in all parts of the world who have already begun their exciting hobby metal casting journey.

This complete hobby foundry knowledge tool kit ebook package can be yours now for the investment of $39.97US. (Download Price). You've read the customer testimonials, we've explained to you the amazing things you can make with metal casting techniques. You will also be granted membership to MHF password protected area of this web site. 

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